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The UASRC is a NonProfit committed to helping communities rebuild after the storm.

Why property owners should consider a UASRC member to repair their storm damage:

  • UASRC Members abide by a code of conduct that is based on strict ethical standards.
  • UASRC Members are established and experienced contractors that deal with Storm Restoration projects efficiently and professionally.
  • UASRC Members maintain a long-term presence in storm damaged areas.
  • UASRC Members provide a clear and honest assessment of your storm damage.
  • UASRC Members become your advocate to help ensure that the insurance adjustor identifies the damages that need to be repaired to bring your property back to its pre-storm condition.

The UASRC wants to help you make the right decision when choosing a Storm Restoration Contractor. We know that after experiencing a loss, it is often overwhelming to choose a contractor to make the needed repairs. We feel that the best way to help property owners is to give them the information that they need to make the right choice.

Please click HERE to find out what you, as a property owner, should know when choosing a Storm Restoration Contractor.


Why We Exist . . .

  • To provide accurate information that helps property owners choose the right Storm Restoration Contractor
  • To educate property owners about the storm restoration process
  • To give back to the communities that our member serve through outreach opportunities
  • To educate contractors and other interested parties about the proper and ethical way to engage in storm restoration
  • Respond when needed to natural disasters through charitable relief

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